Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen
By completing the order process, you agree to our terms of shipment. By sending the form, a purchase contract is concluded between Golfbelt GmbH and the Buyer.

Pricing and Payment
The indicated prices include the sales tax that is valid in the Federal Republic of Germany on the date of shipment. Shipping costs are indicated separately.

Shipments shall only be possible after advance payment (advance money transfer) or with cash on delivery.

Money transfers shall be made

Account holder: Golf-Belt GmbH
Account number: 7297221005
German bank code (BLZ): 10090000
Bank: Berliner Volksbank

IBAN : DE80100900007297221005
BIC: BEVODEBB (Important for international bank transfers)

Order/Payment/Cancellation Process
After an order has been completed, an order confirmation will be sent immediately to the e-mail address that you have specified, indicating your data (delivery address), your order, and the necessary payment information.

Please check that the information provided is correct and complete. In case of any errors, please inform us by e-mail to immediately.

Of course, consumers within the meaning of Art. 13 of the German Civil Code (BGB) are granted the possibility to cancel orders under Art. 355.1 of the BGB. For complying with the cancellation period, it is sufficient to send the cancellation in text form without giving reasons, or to return the shipped items, on a timely basis. Cancellations shall be sent to:


Golf-Belt GmbH
Heerstr. 18 - 20
D - 14052 Berlin

The payment of the invoice amount before the end of the cancellation period shall constitute an express consent given to the contractor by the consumer (Art. 312d.3 of the BGB). With such consent, the consumer causes the delivery to be made, the contract to be performed, and/or the order to be executed.

By making the payment to the account indicated, the shipment is ordered.
No liability will be assumed in the case of intent or negligence.

In the case of an effective cancellation, the mutually provided goods and services shall be returned, and any profit yielded (e.g. interest) shall be surrendered.

If they cannot return the received goods and services or a part thereof, or can only return them in a worse condition, you may be obliged to pay compensation for the lost value, as appropriate. To the delivered item, this shall not apply if the worsening of the item’s condition is only due to the examination of the item as would have been possible in a retail shop, for example.

In addition, you can avoid the obligation to pay compensation for the lost value by not beginning to use the item and by refraining from doing anything that reduces its value. This shall apply, in particular, if you are not sure whether you wish to keep the product. Even any proper use of the item that goes beyond a mere examination of it and leaves signs of usage may lead to a reduction of the value for which you will be obliged to pay compensation in the case of any cancellation to the extent permitted by law.

In the case of an effective cancellation, you shall return the product to the above-mentioned address of Golfbelt GmbH immediately.

If items from a delivery whose value does not exceed €40.00 are returned, the sender shall bear the mailing expenses if the delivered product is as ordered. In any other cases, the return shall be free of charge for you.

If the value does not exceed €40.00, you will be refunded the postage if the delivered product was not as ordered. Please pay sufficient postage for the parcel in that case as well, in order to avoid any surcharge. We will refund you the amount of the postage immediately.

The term “delivered product that was not as ordered” shall not be construed or interpreted to refer to products showing defects but only to refer to the delivery of wrong products.

The costs of any return of products after the period for returns in the case of defects cannot be assumed if no opportunity for a repair and/or new delivery has been given.

Furthermore, if the original packaging is no longer available to you, you shall be obliged to pack the product so carefully that it is protected reliably against the usual transport risks, e.g. the typical bumps that can be expected in the case of bad roads in particular, the centrifugal forces in narrow bends, or the strain resulting from multiple performances of unloading.

Golf-Belt GmbH shall not be obliged to accept any parcels not prepaid.

Defects of the Product
The product shall be inspected immediately after receipt. Should any defect of the product be visible, this shall be reported to Golfbelt GmbH immediately. Sufficient information on the possibilities to do so is available.

In the report of the defect, please specify the type of defect.

Following Art. 439 of the BGB, we reserve the right to perform a repair and/or new delivery, depending on the costs incurred by us (Art. 439.3).

Of course, the right of rescission will be granted to the extent permitted by law (Art. 440 of the BGB).

You will then be sent an e-mail containing all the information relevant to the exchange of goods. Of course, the customer will be refunded all the costs incurred in connection with the new delivery. Please do not return the product to us as mail not prepaid or without prior agreement with us as, in some cases, no return is necessary and unnecessary costs would be incurred.

Shipping Costs
The shipping costs shall be understood to be lump-sum shipping costs that may vary according to the destination. The shipping costs include all the fees charged by the engaged logistics company as well as packing material and any other logistics- or personnel-related services.

The delivery shall be made immediately after the receipt of the payment; however, we allow ourselves a period of ten working days, depending on the number of orders received. For the above reason, and as we depend on suppliers, we allow ourselves a subsequent delivery period of 14 days. In case we make use of said period, we will endeavour to inform the customer as soon as possible. In no case shall delays in delivery justify any claims for damages.

Of course, products will be exchanged, if necessary. Should an exchange be necessary, please contact us by e-mail. You will then receive further information on how to proceed. In addition, in this case, we would like to ask you to return the product concerned only after prior agreement.

If you have any questions concerning your order
Has your ordered belt not arrived yet?
Have you been sent the wrong belt?
Is the ordered belt too short/long?
Do not hesitate to contact us at

Legal Effectiveness of the Disclaimer
If parts of the text or the individual expressions contained in it are not, no longer or are not fully in conformity with the current legislation, the content and validity of the remaining parts of this document shall remain unaffected.

Operator of the online store

HeerStr. 18 - 20
D - 14052 Berlin
Managing Director:
Ingo Volckmann
Tel.: +49 (0) 30 362 89 184
Fax: +49 (0) 30 362 89 185

Commercial register entry: HRB 97650
Registry court of Berlin
VAT number: DE 245021002
Revenue Office of Berlin

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